Sidney VanNess

CEO of On Call Central, a medical messaging service in Kentucky

On Call Central was created as a way for doctors to better manage phone calls from patients and colleagues. Today, the company handles high call volume in nearly every specialty of medicine.

After On Call Central received threatening communications from patent trolls, I decided to fight back in my home state of Kentucky. In February 2014, Kentucky’s Senate passed a bill that would protect the recipients of bad-faith demand letters and allow them to sue trolls that tried to extort money from them. This provision was very important to me, and I came out in favor of this legislation at the time. I told my story to Kentucky legislators and urged them to push forward with this important legislation.

While state efforts are important, they leave enormous gaps in the number of American companies and business owners who are not protected from the abuses of patent trolls. This is why it is so critical that Congress pass comprehensive patent reform that will have a universal impact on our country’s broken patent system. You can read more about my story here.

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