Peter Cahill

Founder and CEO of LifeLine Response, a mobile public safety service in Illinois

Five years ago I started LifeLine Response to save lives and give families peace of mind. Designed to help people feel safe when walking alone, this mobile public safety app not only tracks a phone user, but it will also sound an alarm and call the police instantly if the user’s thumb is removed from the screen. My business provides an innovative solution to a problem that every carrier in the U.S. could not solve.
Unfortunately, my company was sued by the patent troll, 911 Notify, which jeopardized my business, my mission and the lives of the American public. Patent trolls use broad patents to threaten, intimidate, and extort businesses into paying licensing fees by promising a long and costly legal battle. For tech startups and app developers, like us, responding to abusive patent trolls significantly harms growth and can bankrupt a business.

We need Congress to reform our patent laws and prevent these shakedown artists from further undermining the system that made the United States the world’s most dynamic and innovative economy. You can read more about my story here.

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