Kevin O'Connor

CEO of Graphiq (formerly, a research engine in California

When FindTheBest was founded, we had a simple goal: help consumers and businesses make confident purchase decisions for thousands of products and services. In the back of my mind, I knew it wasn’t a matter of if we’d get sued by a patent troll, but a matter of when. I’d heard about the unfair, deceptive, and corrupt practices used by patent trolls, but didn’t experience them firsthand until we received a demand letter from Lumen View Technology, a troll that has filed dozens of infringement lawsuits since 2012.

The demand letter used vague language to threaten criminal charges if we didn’t settle immediately. From the start, it was clear to us that they had no desire to engage in a reasonable discussion. They were interested in one thing: our money. For most small businesses, the pragmatic solution is to settle. But we just couldn’t do that, and we decided to be vocal and fight back.

Patent trolls are a real, tangible nightmare for too many of us, and the effects are increasingly widespread and harmful. Comprehensive patent abuse legislation is absolutely necessary and must seriously address the soaring number of frivolous patent lawsuits clogging our courts.

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