Austin Meyer

Creator and Founder of X-Plane, a flight simulator program based in South Carolina

I created X-Plane, a flight-simulator program that has been the top-selling simulation training program in the world, allowing countless pilots to learn to fly more safely on a computer, thus enabling safer flight. X-plane has also provided millions of hours of enjoyment for hundreds of thousands of customers around the world, and provided millions of dollars per year in taxable revenue to the state of South Carolina.

However, my homegrown business was threatened when a patent troll called Uniloc claimed I infringed on their idea by using an e-commerce distribution system offered by an online store to sell my Android app. I’ve been forced to divert precious resources to fight off these frivolous claims, instead of investing in our economy.

Congress must stand with American businesses that create goods and services, rather than with those that destroy them, and support comprehensive patent reform. You can read more about my story here.

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