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Patent trolls continue to target Cree

A Virginia firm is accusing Durham LED maker Cree of infringing on four patents, and is asking for “a reasonable royalty” to be awarded in court. But this time it’s not a competitor filing suit in federal court, it’s Bluestone Innovations LLC, a patent licensing and enforcement company often categorized as a “patent troll.”


Patent ‘Trolls’ Recede as Threat to Innovation. Will Justices Change That?

In the five years since it began its work — a result of the America Invents Act of 2011 — the Patent Trial and Appeal Board has saved companies more than $2 billion in legal fees alone, according to Joshua Landau, patent counsel at the Computer and Communications Industry Association, offering an expeditious and relatively cheap avenue to challenge patents of doubtful validity.

The benefits of stopping bad patents from snaking their way through the economy have been even greater.


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Red Light Camera Company Beats Patent Troll

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A federal judge slammed the door on a notorious patent troll on Friday. Joao Control and Monitoring Systems LLC, a firm with no customers or products, in 2013 filed a patent infringement suit against the photo enforcement system run by American Traffic Solutions (ATS). Joao claimed the patent it held for video security webcams required any company that monitored a video feed over the Internet to pay royalties.


Why small businesses want Congress to pass venue reform this year

By Roberta Hurley, Owner of Southeastern Employment Services
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My organization, Southeastern Employment Services, helps people with disabilities find employment opportunities in the state of Connecticut. Several years ago, I started receiving threatening legal letters from shell companies in Delaware that claimed we were infringing their patent for using the scan-to-email function on our copier – a common technology found on many such machines in offices around the country. I’m proud of the work that we do to give back to our state and its citizens, but as a result of these threats I thought I would have to close my doors for good.