Kevin O'Connor

CEO of Graphiq (formerly, a research engine in California

When I started my company, I knew in the back of my mind that it wasn’t a matter of if we’d get sued by a patent troll, but a matter of when.

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Todd Moore

Founder & CEO of TMSoft, a software company in Virginia

I am the founder and CEO of TMSoft, but I never thought the biggest challenge in running my own business would come from patent trolls.

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Dan Gannon

Lease Program Manager at Data Sales Co., a technology leasing company in Minnesota

I have seen firsthand the damage that patent trolls have inflicted on businesses, and the economic impact they have had on our state and on small businesses across the country.

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Chris Currie

CEO of Aerialink, a mobile messaging company in Iowa

After my company was sued by a patent troll, we were forced to put hiring on hold for six to seven months.

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Diane Hamilton

Founder of Binary Formations, a software company in Virginia

We have seen many small businesses in our industry become the target of patent trolls and know it is not a matter of if we get targeted, but when.

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Jon Kinzenbaw

President & CEO of Kinze Manufacturing, a manufacturor in Iowa

My small welding shop grew to become one of the largest agricultural equipment companies in America and employ nearly 1,000 people, but we were sued by a patent troll that owned a broadly-named patent.

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Sidney VanNess

CEO of On Call Central, a medical messaging service in Kentucky

Patent trolls have directly impacted our business in terms of both investment and staffing.

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Peter Braxton

CEO & Founder of Jump Rope, Inc., an app startup in Illinois

Soon after my startup launched publicly, my company was sued by patent trolls. The resulting court battle cost more than $100,000 out of my pocket.

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Roberta Hurley

Owner of Southeastern Employment Services, a staffing agency in Connecticut

My business finds jobs for people with disabilities, but a patent troll threatened to close our doors for using the scan-to-email function on our copier.

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Kate Endress

CEO & Co-founder of DITTO, a startup in California

Innovators like us are faced with a lose-lose decision; even if the troll that sued us lost, with legal costs we’d still be on the hook for millions of dollars.

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Chris Zenthoefer

Founder & CEO of ICEdot based in Oklahoma, emergency communication company in Oklahoma

I started my small business to help people in potentially life-threatening situations, but a patent troll threatened to sue my company and more than 40 others.

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